1. Nayuta Korea (also “Website”, “we”, “us”, “our”) does all that is necessary to safe your personal data. The Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) explains what cookie files are and how we use them on our platform, in wallets, mobile application, on pages in social networks and other online resources. The Policy allows you to find out about the use of cookie files and what personal information you provide when using the Website. Please be aware that the services we provide may vary depending on the region.
  2. In any case, the English text of this Policy is considered to be the primary source of information related to cookie files. If there is a difference between the translation of the Cookie Policy into another language and the English text, the last one takes priority and has legal force.
  3. Cookie files are small text files stored by your Internet browser on your computer / tablet, phone or other device that is used to check out a Website. The cookie files usually contain information about your checking out of the Website.
  4. This Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is developed in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Korea and regulates the relations on the use of cookie files on the Seller’s website: 
  5. When using the website, the Customer agrees to the use of cookie files in accordance with this Policy in relation to this type of file. If the Customer does not agree with the use of this type of files on the Website, the Customer can place an appropriate setting on his browser or refuse to use the Website. The shutdown of the using cookie files takes place through the setting of the Customer’s PC, where he must shutdown the use of all types of cookie files or turn on the warning function when they are saved. Keep in mind that the shutdown of cookie files affects the functionality of the Website. Therefore, we recommend you do not shutdown the cookie files.



2.1. In order to improve the productivity of the Website and simplify the work with it, we use cookie files which are necessary for the operation of the Website and are small pieces of data with which the Website can differ between new and old Customers to the Website, determine how the use of the Website takes place.

2.2. The cookie files are used:

2.3. There are examples of cookie files that are used (including, but not limited to, the ones listed below):


Read more about the types of cookie files used below.


3. What kinds of cookie files we use

3.1. Account cookie files - When you set up an account, we use cookie files for registration and general administration. These cookie files are usually deleted when you log out of your account. However, in some cases, they remain on your device and save your website settings for the next login.

3.2. Login cookie files - When you log in to your account, we use cookie files just you can stay logged in during your use of the website and services. Therefore, you don’t need to log in when opening new pages. When you log out, these cookie files are usually deleted or wiped. In other words, you can get access to limited functions and sections only after logging in.

3.3. Emailing cookie files – We use emailing or subscriptions. The cookie files are used to identify whether you are registered, as some notifications should be displayed only for registered or only unregistered Users.

3.4. Order processing cookie files - We use E-commerce tools and payment mechanisms, so cookie files are necessary to save and properly process orders when moving between pages.

3.5. Poll cookie files - Sometimes we offer you to take a poll or fill out a form. It helps us to get important information to further improve the website and allows us to better realize the requirements of our Users. In such cases, the cookie files are used to memorize the Users who took part in the poll, as well as to provide you with accurate data after you get to other pages.

3.6. Completing cookie files forms - When you post data through a form (for example, a feedback form or a comment form), the cookie files help us to store your custom data so that we can contact you later.

3.7. The cookie files for the Website - To make it easy and convenient for you to use the Website, we provide you with the opportunity to configure your own settings for working with our platform. We use cookie files to memorize your settings and use them whenever you get to the relevant pages of the Website. These cookie files collect information about the use of the Website. For example, there is information about the most frequently connected pages of the Website by Customers. Such files can be used to optimize the Website and simplify navigation. The operational cookie files are not used to collect personal information about the User of the Website. All information collected with their help is targeted for statistical purposes and remains impersonal, i.e. anonymous.

3.8. The functional cookie files - They allow us to memorize the choice made by the Customer when browsing the Website. The functional cookie files can be used to track recommended services and videos in order to avoid repetition. The functional cookie files help the Customer not to lose the data of the application filled out on the website.

3.9. Promotional cookie files record information about user activities on the Internet, including browsing the Website and its pages, as well as data about links and advertisments that Customers have chosen to view. It is necessary to reflect the content on the Website that is most fully focused on the Customer, as well as to provide the opportunity to offer advertising or other information in a more accurate manner according to the Customer interests.

3.10. Third-party cookie files - Sometimes we use cookie files provided by third-party services. This section lists third-party cookie files that you may encounter when using the Website.



4.1. Some cookie files are valid from the moment you log in to the Website until the end of this particular session in the browser. When you close the browser, these files become useless and are automatically deleted. Such cookie files are called “Session cookies”.


4.2. Some cookie files are stored on the device and between sessions of the browser, so they are not deleted after the browser is closed. Such cookie files are called “Persistent cookies”.

4.3. The cookie files may be placed on your device. These cookie files are called “First-party cookies”. Some cookie files may be placed on your device by other Operators. Such cookie files are called “Third-party” files.



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